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Should College Athletes be Paid?

Should College Athletes be Paid?

Recently there have been major discussions about paying college athletes, especially in basketball and football.  Paying college athletes would diminish the integrity and main purpose of collegiate athletics.  College sports are full of passion and a main purpose is the role of amateurism.  They don’t play for money, they play for the love of the game and for their teammates.

The argument that it would eliminate the scandals at a number of these universities is invalid.  Michael Wilbon of ESPN said it best, “‘What would stop a star player from agreeing to shake hands at a local car dealership for $50,000?’ The answer is, nothing.”

He is absolutely right.  The boosters aren’t going to simply leave the players alone just because they athlete is already getting paid by the university.  They will still be there and have the same role, or lack there of depending on how you view it.

My main question about paying athletes is how it will work with the universities that don’t make money from their athletic programs.  In fact, most universities don’t make money from their athletic programs.  The spoiled few won’t have an issue paying the athletes, but what will happen to the smaller schools that can’t?

Personally, based on how the NCAA chooses to pay the athletes, I think it could turn into a recruiting nightmare.  Are schools going to have to bid against each other for the top recruit?  Right now it seems that nobody knows.

Another major question is how it will affect Title IX.  In order for this to work there will be enough money to pay the male and female athletes the same.  This just adds to the amount of money that it could take for these universities to pay their athletes.

The debate of if college athletes should be paid will be one that goes on for a while, at least in my opinion.  I do not believe that college athletes should, or will be paid.   There are too many factors against it, such as Title IX and the large number of universities that are not capable of affording it.

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