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College Football Replacing the BCS with a Playoff System

College Football Replacing the BCS with a Playoff System

For the last few years there has been a big controversy regarding the college football Bowl Championship Series. The BCS was originally formed in 1998 to allow the two top-ranked teams to play each other at the end of the season. It has been a huge argument between fans whether it is smart to have a playoff series to replace the bowl games. Some fans think that using a playoff system is the only way to fairly determine who deserves to be the national champion.

Along with the majority of college students, I think implementing playoff system is a better option. The BCS games in 2011 and 2012 had one of the lowest championship game ratings of all time. It was recorded that while 24 million actually viewed the games, it is nowhere near impressive when compared to this year’s Super bowl, which had a whopping 111.3 million viewers. If the NCAA allowed a playoff system, the teams would actually have to play their way through to ultimately reach the National Championship game. As the years have gone by, football fans have started tuning out of the bowl games because it has become far less intriguing.  It would keep the fans on their toes, and enthusiastic about the remainder of the season.

Last year Ohio State, Michigan State and Wisconsin tied for the Big Ten title. I found that to be absolutely ridiculous. As a very intense Ohio State football fan, it was a huge let down having to share the title.  The Buckeyes had an incredible season in 2010, yet they weren’t given the chance to prove themselves at the end because of where they were assigned to play.  A playoff system would allow the teams to redeem themselves, and the fans would have something to look forward to.


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